The Bustin' Loose BBQ team is comprised of husband and wife, Earl and Barb from Etobicoke, Ontario as well as an ever-changing line-up of friends, family and acquaintances that join them on their various barbecue adventures. Those adventures include barbecue cookoffs, cooking classes, fundraisers, charitable events and a welcome invite to cook BBQ at the Rolling Stones Rocks Toronto Concert in July, 2002.

This Bustin' Loose website was designed with one purpose in mind: to share the passion, camaraderie, friendship and amazingly great food that is to be found in the BBQ community, locally and around the globe. On these pages you will find recipes, links to BBQ resources and forums, pages that show the equipment and awards of our Bustin' Loose team and also a current list of upcoming events for Bustin' Loose. more
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